Industrial & Concept
This is where it all begins. An idea, a thought, or something scratched
on a napkin. Concepting a high-tech product, automobile, boat,
aircraft, military equipment or any other industrial creation is where
tomorrow begins.

Many of my own ideas I have continued to develop. My studio is a
breeding ground for innovative thinking "Out of the Box". Having over
27 years of experience in the business. This is where new products
and innovation leads to tomorrows businesses and workforce across
the globe.

Working with your team not only can I deliver but the final product is
ready for you to use in R&D and Marketing.

Click below and explore our work.
Concept "Steampunk" motorcycle for the WEC Institute of Ann
Arbor, scheduled for production in the next year, designed to
run on any type of fuel.
"Automotive Parts Carrier" Designed
for Kirk's Automotive Group.
"Hydrogen Combustion Engine" HCE Concept Prototype, for automotive industry.
"Wi-Fi Automobiles" Design based of Nikola Tesla's, wireless
electric platform, that resonates today in all our mobile and  
satellite devices.
Working with the Detroit Diesel Corporation
team, we took raw images where there
was nothing existing and created a running
production line with new equipment,
products, production process and people.

The designs were used as large posters
for the 2008 Redford Renaissance with
Governor Jennifer Granholm in attendance
to introduce the new business activity at
DDC and for Michigan.
Detroit Diesel Concept Production Lines
Published SAE Article
Existing Production Area
Concept Line Art Rendering
HCE - Hydrogen Combustion
Wi-Fi Wireless Electric
"Steampunck" Motorcycle Concept to
Production Design
Automotive Parts Carrier Concept to
Production Design
"Taserwear" Concept Protective
Apparel Design
Cancer Eliminator Concept to
Production Design
Concept apparel for men and women, activated with a belt made
powerpack, teflon and kevlar lined apparel, Created to render a perpetrator
useless upon attack.
Designed with the aspects of the "SkyLab" mission where, they induced lab
animals with Cancers and took to SkyLab. The Zero G and Zero O2 not only
stopped the Cancer growth but also the Cancers pulled away from vital
organs to locally be surgically removed.  
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